Perfect DIY Country House Ideas

Every person who owns a garden dreams of these amazing 12 country house ideas, if you are a Gardner too, these read this article to know these amazing 12 ideas that might be your dream!

1. Raised garden beds

Raised beds can save your back and knees and become a clever decoration for your garden. All you have to do is put the wooden slabs together, put some cardboard and metal mesh on the bottom, and fill the patch with soil.

2. Staircase garden

If your country house is on a slope, this garden idea can be a godsend for you.

3. Hanging garden

A great decision for those who don’t want to bend over. This idea works especially well with flowers and strawberries.

4. Mulching

You can cover the surface of your soil with mulch mats, which don’t let the sun rays in. Now you can forget about weed management, because there won’t be any weeds in your garden!

5. Climbing plants

This will save space and at the same time you’ll create a living decoration. There are lots of varieties of hanging and climbing plants, and you can use them to create a beautiful arch.

6. Wall farm

A vertical vegetable garden is not only convenient, but also practical. Plants growing on the walls can protect your house from the sun’s heat.

7. Irrigation system

Install some irrigation system to take care of your garden. You’ll need 2 hoses, a lateral beam, and sprinklers.

8. Fence

A fence made of durable materials can help to protect your beds from rodents. Voles will definitely not be able to cope with a brick or stone fence.

9. Flower decor

Plant some flowers along the garden beds. They not only look beautiful and smell great, but they can also help you to deter pests.

10. A cobblestone walkway

Clean the area where you want to make a cobblestone walkway and place the form to plan out its design. Mix a bag of cement with water and pour the mixture into the frame. Smooth the surface and carefully lift the frame off.


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