15 Curious Phenomena That Happen on Our Planet

We think that we know everything about this planet, but it sometimes finds ways to make us all look stupid. She does that with certain phenomena which we haven’t seen before and the only name we can find to describe those amazing occurrences is magic! Sometimes nature gives us some beautiful events and sometimes we get goosebumps only by thinking of what we had seen.

We have gathered 15 such curious events and we wanted to share them with you.

Blood Falls

Although this thing looks like Antarctica is bleeding it is actually a simple chemical reaction. These “Blood Falls” were found in 1911 by Australian geologist Griffith Taylor. Iron that was trapped inside those glaciers turns red when it comes into contact with oxygen.

The Underwater Waterfall

This “waterfall” is located in Mauritius. However, it is not a real waterfall. It is actually sand from the beaches being pushed by the ocean currents.

An Amazing Sight of a Huge Lightning Storm That Seems Trapped inside The Volcano Eruption in Chile

I almost missed the actual volcano eruption in this picture. It is so magnificent to see a huge lightning storm trapped in one small closed space. I can only imagine how terrified the Chileans were. This was caused by the electrification of rising ash particles by the magma. It is not a common thing to see a lightning-caused by a volcano that high. It is usually in the lower part of a developing ash plume.

Ice Hole in Antarctica

This thing appeared in October 2017. It is almost 30,000 square miles and it was detected by a robot. Scientists explained this phenomenon as an area of persistent open water where one would expect to find solid sea ice… it is allegedly called “Polynya”. (cough, cough Global Warming, cough)

Red Rain

This strange phenomenon scared literally everyone. It happened for the first time in 2001, in the southern Indian state of Kerala. It was simply pouring red rain! Authorities tried to explain that with some meteor shower, but scientists had a different theory. It was caused by airborne spores from “locally prolific terrestrial green algae from the genus Trentepohlia…. It happened again in 2012 in India and Sri Lanka…

Desert Rose

Sting was right! Desert rose is real, or at least it does exist. It is actually a strange formation of crystal clusters of gypsum or barite.

The Rainbow Mountains In China

As you have already (probably) guessed it, this strange phenomenon is caused by all sorts of minerals, iron, and other substances. These mountains are located in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China.

The Huge Crack in the White Rim Trail

This huge crack is a natural creation and it is located in Canyonlands National Park in Southern Utah near the town of Moab. That White Rim Trail was used by generations of cowboys, cattle ranchers, and miners through ages, so it is nothing new, but that can’t stop it from being interesting for all those nature lovers out there. If the road leads you there, don’t forget to check out the low cliffs on your right when you start your way back from the trek. You will find a large alcove around 200 yards away from the trail and it has 2 holes in its rood. All those flint flakes that are scattered across the wash in front of that alcove are actually the remains from the Stone Age. Although those flakes are made by nature they were used by the “cavemen”.

The Eye Of The Sahara

This thing is also known as the Richat Structure and it looks like an eye. Its diameter is 40km and it was first thought that this thing was caused by an asteroid. However, after some studies, geologists came to a conclusion that this is actually a highly symmetrical and deeply eroded geologic dome… The central part of that dome is 541,000,000 years old. Truth to be told no one knows the true origin of this dome and it requires some further investigation.

The Taos Hum

Allegedly, people can hear some spooky humming sounds in Taos, New Mexico. Some people can hear it while others can’t. Origin of that humming is unknown.

The Fog Bow<

People call this one a white rainbow, and that fog is allegedly caused by a very small water droplets. Mariners call these “Sea Dogs”.

Pyura Chilensis – The Living Rock

This thing is called Pyura Chilensis in Chile. It is a delicacy amongst the locals of Chile and Peru. And, no it is not a stone! It is a marine filter feeder. Something like sea squirts but it doesn’t have any organs inside and it doesn’t have a brain. Its blood is rich in a metal called vanadium.

The Ijen Volcano

This volcano is famous for its blue lava, and that almost looks like magic! That is, in fact, a group of composite volcanoes, which are located in Indonesia. That blue color is created when sulfuric gases burn at extremely high temperatures. These gases burn blue when they make contact with oxygen.

You can even find the world’s largest sulfuric acid crater lake near Ijen. You should see it at night. It looks awesome!

The Bioluminescent Bloom

Although this looks epic it is far from it. In fact, bioluminescent bloom in Hong Kong is caused by farm pollution and that can be devastating to marine life.

The Mysterious Ooze in China in 2013

This can only happen in China… One night in 2013, something started pouring out from a 1cm wide crack in the middle of the street. It was really strange and smelled awful. People gathered around and started taking pictures, having no idea about the origin of this substance. After a while, that same oozing substance retreated back through the same crack in the road. No one has given a valid explanation for this phenomenon to this date. Some government officials said that it came from a nearby subway construction site, but no one really believes in that.


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