10 Most Awful Hurricanes Ever That Caused Huge Disasters

Strongest Hurricanes

The strongest hurricane is “The Great Hurricane of 1780” ever in the world. Hurricane means the big storm. There are many hurricanes happened in the history, but some are worst. The intensity of a hurricane depends on the maximum wind speed, torrential rains, and flooding. When it happened it cause severe damage to the country building and killed many people. Heavy rains along with winds cause inland flooding. Every hurricane lasts almost a week and moving 10-20 miles hour over the open ocean. These natural disasters gather heat and energy when coming in contact with warm ocean waters. Today we talk about the top 10 strongest hurricanes ever in the world ever that causes huge disasters.

10. Andrew


On 16 August 1992, A terrible hurricane with peak winds of 175 mph hit the Southern Florida, Northwest of the Bahamas and Southwestern of Louisiana. It ended on 28th 1992, and it was the costliest hurricane in the world. Andrew is considered a weak formation in the Atlantic Ocean but it destroyed scores of homes, 9,500 traffic signs, and signals, and damage US$26.5 billion. The storm caused 39 indirect fatalities, 26 direct deaths and turned the low-lying streets into waterways and killed 15 people.

9. Katrina


Rather than a natural hurricane, It referred as man made. A disaster caused by fault infrastructure problems affect the New Orleans and Gulf Coast. It was formed 23rd August 2005 and lasted until 30th August 2005. 175mph speed winds hit the Mississippi and Louisiana of the United States. This hurricane causes 1833 fatalities and damage loss US$108 billion. Forty percent deaths of Katrina hurricane is because of drowning. According to an estimation, 400,000 people moved to Atlanta and Houston areas and never return.

8. Hugo

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO - SEPTEMBER 19, 1989: Hurricane Hugo slams into the eastern coast September 19, 1989 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Wind gusts of 140 mph and heavy rains ripped through the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, before striking land again in South Carolina on September 22. (Photo by Gary Williams/Getty Images)

One of the most fearsome hurricane in 1989 hit the Carolinas. A category three storm appeared from Puerto Rico and approached Charleston in late September. It caused 50 deaths and lost $8 billion US. It intensified before hitting the landfall at Sullivan’s Island S.C. Hugo is considered the strongest hurricane on the east coast north of Florida after 1954 Hazel storm. Hugo runs with 30mph winds speed and causes significant damage after passing north of Charleston.

7. Sandy


U.S second most costly hurricanes was the Sandy. This strongest storm after passing through Jamaica, Cuba, and Haiti became weak before making U.S Landfall. When it started in October 2012, it was capable of destroying the wreak havoc on Jersey Shore and New York City. Sandy destroyed the 650,000 homes in Northeast region and killed 117 people in U.S, 69 in Canada and the Caribbean and U.S bear a damage of $65. It was also known as Superstorm Sandy because it hit the New York and drown the 13 feet parts of lower Manhattan under water and also wiped off some parts of Staten Island and beaches in Queens on the map.

6. Camille


This category three hurricane hit the U.S in 1969. A storm comes with massive flooding and 200 mph winds to Gulf Coast and later Virginia. It raised near the Cayman Islands in August 1969, and first blew through Cuba and intensified on the way to Mississippi. When the storm reached Virginia, it weakened but continued to pour 20 inches of rain, flash flooding and mudslides just 120 miles away from Nation’s capital. Camille resulted in 256 deaths and loss $1.4 billion USD.

5. Gilbert

An overview of warehouses destroyed by Hurricane Gilbert at the San Antonio Air Logistics Center.

An overview of warehouses destroyed by Hurricane Gilbert at the San Antonio Air Logistics Center.

One of the largest hurricane seen in the Atlantic basin with 926-kilometer diameter. It originated from the birthplace of many worst hurricanes in the history near Cape Verde islands on the west coast of Africa. Gilbert is category five storm appeared in September 1988 and covered the Island of Jamaica and destroyed the 80 percent homes on the Islands. It hit the Cayman Islands and Mexico and crossing the Texas. This strongest hurricane killed 200 people in Mexico, 28 died when Cuban freight ship was thrown into a boat. USD $5.5 billion lost as a result of it.

4. 1935 Florida Keys Labor Day Hurricane


It was the strongest hurricane of a 20th century. The practice of naming hurricanes does not exist until 1953 so it only called is Labor Day Hurricane. A 5 category storm run with winds speed of 200 mph and soaking the middle and upper Florida Keys and almost 400 people dead. Mostly the victims of the hurricane were the World War I veterans who had been working highway from Key West to Key Largo. It left the residents in dark when appeared and damaged $6 million in the United States.

3. Galveston Hurricane of 1900


In U.S history the deadliest hurricane is the Galveston 1900. Katrina was terrible, but it was worst on the Golf Coast. It estimated that almost 6000-12000 lives in Texas took this hurricane. The hurricane was not so severe when it hit the West of Florida keys, but a sharp turn moved it towards Galveston. Residents and local officials did not prepare for this situation and 20-foot storm with flash flooding pounded Oklahoma, and it did with Texas. According to the Weather Channel 3600 storm, proof homes destroyed and damage U.S $30 million. The Government took some steps like built 3.5-mile wall and raised the city level up to 16 feet to ensure damage was not repeated.

2. Mitch


This horrible hurricane did not get much attention in U.S, but this slow-moving storm raised in October 1998 and poured 4 inches rain for an hour for two days and also cause deadly flooding and mudslides. Hurricane to hit the Western Hemisphere and 11,000 people became the victim of this deadly storm. Country infrastructure and crops were destroyed completely and caused $5 billion USD lost.

1. The Great Hurricane of 1780


Hurricane is considered the deadliest of all time in the history. It blasted its way through the Caribbean and killed 22,000 people. Most of them are the American and British soldiers who had been skirmishing in warships as part of the revolutionary war. It hit the several Caribbean islands including Martinique, Barbados, and St. Lucia in October. According to an eyewitness, this strongest hurricane stripped off the trees and winds must have topped with 200 mph speed.


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