29 photos of amazing situations that you can see in Canada

When you hear the name ‘Canada’, what springs to mind? Canadians’ sunny disposition? Awesome landscapes? Maple syrup? A strange accent? Or maybe Justin Trudeau, the country’s sexy Prime Minister?

If you’re thinking of moving to or visiting Canada, we’ve drawn up a little list of things that Canadians take for granted, but which may surprise you!

1. Be prepared for dramatic changes in the weather

2. When it’s cold everything needs protecting – both humans and machines!

3. Every country has its own wild beasts!

4. It only takes a ray of sunshine for Canadians to strip off (well, almost all Canadians!)

5. You need to know how to use a shovel!

6. No need for a fridge or freezer during Canadian winters – just open your front door!

7. We forgot to say that during winter, most people are late for work!

9. No, Beaver Rub doesn’t contain beavers! It’s a mildly spicy seasoning!

10. Everyone loves to play or watch ice hockey!

11. Even winter sunshine can be too hot for some locals!

12. Canadian Mounties – who needs a car when a horse will do?

13. Canadians are famous for apologizing… And yes, they are awesome too!

14. Housekeeping essentials…

15. Did we mention that Canadians love soaking up the sun, whatever the temperature?

16. We repeat, ‘everyone loves ice hockey!’

17. Yummy, ketchup flavored chips!

18. Drive-thru’s are also for horses

19. Because toilet seats can get REALLY cold!

20. And you can buy special winter socks for your tongs!

21. We weren’t joking when we said drive-thru’s are also for horses!

Witnessed in Sherwood Park on Saturday. #onlyincanada Photo cred to Rocco Macri. ???

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22. Uber, Canadian- style!

23. Hilarious!

24. Rolling in snow firms up skin…

25. Forewarned is forearmed

26. If your mail box isn’t at the end of your drive…

27. Ice hockey wedding ceremony!

28. If we moved to Canada, this would be number 1 on our shopping list!

haha #OnlyInCanada ?❄ #snowmobile on the sidewalk outside of #CanadianTire

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29. When snow doesn’t pay attention to health and safety regulations

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