28 Worst Wedding Dresses You’ve Ever Seen

A wedding is a special day for every bride. It’s every girl dream to become a most beautiful bride. Girls at their childhood times start thinking about their wedding and wedding dresses. If the wedding outfit doesn’t fulfil the expectation of a bride then it could be the worst nightmare for him. People sometimes try new trends or fashion and that just ruined everything. Here we have compiled the pictures of few bride outfits that will make your jaw drop.

This outfit portrays that the bride is way too horny.

A balloon or a bride? Or a balloon bride!

Is she pregnant? Why is she exposing her round tummy?

Okay, this one is way too weird!

It’s not a bride! Either it’s a mummy or a cocoon.

I think balloons are on trend! Wow

She saved her money and decided to become a cake on her wedding day.

When can’t afford a dress so you just paint your body?

When you are mother and bride too…

This bride is on fire.

She is supporting army!

When you love cream puffs too much.

She looks like the sheep.

A wedding dress or a mosquito net?

My eyes, my eyes…Oh, God! My eyes are burning.

Maybe they wanted to create a Guinness book record.

When you are sports person!

Wedding dress! Nah… I love to wear a swimsuit.

A rainbow pattern dress! It is time to leave earth.

Orange is their favourite colour.

Mini-skirt are in trends now? Really!

I think she is impressed by vampires.

When you are impressed by princess diaries.

Tina’s Turner wedding dress.

Plastic bag or a wedding dress?

The worst outfit award goes to this dress.

They really scare me.


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