25 Interesting Crazy Facts That May Surprise You

There will always be things in this world that you never imagined even existed. That’s why we would like to share the following curious and fascinating facts about seemingly ordinary things.

Since 1916 it’s been illegal to send a building through the post in the US. This law was established after a man sent a 40-ton house through the state of Utah to avoid high shipping rates.

In one Mexican town in 1997, it not only rained frogs — there was an entire storm of them.

You have no sense of smell while you’re asleep.

Astronauts aren’t allowed to eat beans before going out into space because the gases could harm their space suits.

Crocodiles are more intelligent than you think. They deliberately swallow stones in order to submerge themselves to great depths.

Bhutan is such a mysterious country that no one even knows exactly how many people live there, as the last census was conducted in 1975.

Adult polar bears usually eat only the skin and fat of their prey. They leave the meat for their cubs and for scavengers. They’re truly caring predators.

Some Innuits use refrigerators to prevent food from freezing because it’s so cold where they live!

In the world’s oceans, there’s around 200 times more gold than has been extracted in human history.

William Shakespeare pronounced his name in several different ways.

Lion tamers use stools because lions can only focus on one object to attack. When they see four chair legs pushed toward them, they get completely confused and retreat.

Before erasers were invented, people used bread crumbs to remove pencil and ink.

Your brain is more active when you’re asleep than when you’re watching TV.

The Hercules beetle weighs just 100 g, but it can pick up as much as 8 kg, making it the strongest living thing on Earth.

There is a legend in Japan that if an umbrella is left lying around for a sufficiently long time, it turns into a one-legged, one-eyed demon called Kasa-obake.

The first self-service restaurant in the world was set up in New York and only permitted male diners. Customers ate standing up.

Birth control pills work on gorillas.

Hummingbirds can’t walk.

Number plates in New Hampshire have “Live free or die” written on them. They’re manufactured by the state’s convicts.

There is no mention in the Bible of the apple eaten by Adam and Eve. There’s only mention of the fruit from a certain tree.

In France, it’s forbidden to sell dolls without human faces.

The sum of the numbers on opposite sides of a loaded dice equals 7.

“Canada“ is a Native American word that translates as ”big village.”

Nepal is the only country in the world that doesn’t have either a square or rectangular-shaped flag.

When someone holds a cup with a hot beverage in their hands, those around them seem “warmer” — that is, more generous and friendly.

The common phenomenon whereby shoes end up hanging from telephone wires is called “shoefiti“: ”shoe graffiti.” There is no single opinion about what this is for. Here are just a few versions:

  • Students throw their shoes onto telephone wires when they graduate.
  • Sports teams do it in response to a loss or win in a game.
  • It’s an indication of where drugs are sold. The color of the shoes indicates what type.
  • It’s used by gangs to mark their territory.
  • Thieves throw up shoes to create a short circuit in the electricity supply.

Eye gunk is a stuff that accumulates in the corner of your eye while you sleep. The gunk is always present in the eye, which uses a liquid called “tear film” to keep the peeper lubricated. When we wake up, the tear film has gathered in our eyes because we haven’t been blinking.

Have you ever thought what the backside of Mt. Rushmore looks like? It would be so much fun if it looked like this.

What will happen if you never leave your bed

NASA wanted to study the effects of microgravity on the human body and paid a guy to lie in bed for 70 days. So what would happen if you never left your bed? Firstly, you will start to develop bedsores. After that your bones and muscles will lose around 40-70% of their mass. Your heart rate will increase, but blood volume will decrease. Because of this, less oxygen will be taken up by your cells, and you’ll get tired much more easily. There is also an increased risk of kidney stones and pneumonia.

So we all should definitely spend a limited time in bed.

What will happen if you stay silent for 7 days

The practice of silence is very common in Eastern traditions, and it can help you handle stress. At the beginning, listening to your inner voice might be strange and uncomfortable, but then you will feel much better, becoming kinder and wiser to yourself and others.


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