20 Urban Design Examples Making Cities Look Much Better

The steep and original design on the streets of the city can be compared with cosmetics that can transform a girl with the most ordinary appearance, and even from a lady with natural beauty, to make a Hollywood star. In addition, brightly, and most importantly unusually decorated stops, shop windows or pedestrian streets immediately add +100 to the mood of the townspeople. And some still bring real benefits.

We found 25 examples of outdoor design that you want to copy and move to your city. Oh, if it was that easy!

Stopping a school bus, made in the form of a book that rests on multicolored pencils

Banana geese already go and carry with them a bunch of ​​positive vibes and a drop of insanity

The guitar shop looks like an amplifier

This guy made a cafe out of his car

Pedestrian crossing, 3D-version

A street library in Bulgaria, where everyone can take a book to read

I beg you, take a seat!

Table for cyclists: here you can park and enjoy a cup of coffee

Or sit in the pages of your favorite book. In a literal sense!

Passed by, and for some reason I wanted wine

Someone was playing tetris on this street. And, it seems, lost

Showcase of a bookshop

You sit in the office, you work, you do not touch anyone, but here the bear looks through the window
You walk down the street and suddenly you see a toy from childhood. Here, any adult will want to fool around!

Steep hammocks in the city – it’s just a dream

“Comb” for bicycles

Bus stop. Very convenient

This is not an aquarium, it’s a phone booth

Don’t you want a coffee pot?

A bench on which you are about to fly

Vehicle suspension ads: fake potholes on a road in Canada


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