15 of the most strange and hideous dresses in the history of fashion

Us girls love dressing up for a special occasion. Parties, weddings, fancy clubs and restaurants – any excuse to treat ourselves to a sexy, attention-grabbing dress. Sadly, however, some frocks get all the attention for the wrong reasons…

Here are 15 people who ended up with ‘frock horrors’ that were such eye-sores they went viral and took the internet by storm!

1. At least the bride looks happy!

2. When you go to any lengths to get attention

3. When a professional designer goes for a DIY look

4. A dress that prevents the wearer from doing anything…

5. When your prom turns into a Team Edward vs Team Jacob affair

6. When you love The Little Mermaid, but can’t decide if Ariel or Ursula is your favorite character

7. No, it’s not a cocoon… Or the height of fashion!

Чем удивлять будете? Коль уж зашла речь о самых нестандартных платьях, нельзя не отметить шокирующий свадебный наряд именитого дизайнера Ив Сен Лорана — это вручную связанный кокон с прорезью для лица и кистей рук. «Платье» было представлено в 60-е годы на ретроспективной выставке De Young Museum в Сан-Франциско.#wedding #weirddress #weirdwedding #bride #beauty #style #stylish #fashion #famous #amasing #weddingsalon #weddingdressminsk #weddinginspiration

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8. When you wear your wedding cake for your marriage

9. What she bought online and what she received – you’ve been warned!

10. The most disappointing prom dress ever

11. Another reason to never buy an evening dress online!

12. At least this girl seems to be taking the bad news well!

13. Same color, completely different cut…

14. This constitutes daylight robbery!

15. Imagine stepping out the door in this!

So having seen these last few photos, are you still tempted to buy a dress online?


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