11 Craziest Beauty Hacks That You Should Never Try

Every girl wants to look beautiful but trying new things that are harmful to your health is just craziness. You should take care of your skin and beauty but try to avoid things that will cost you with a heavy price and here the price is not money, I am talking about your health. So here are 11 beauty tricks that are just insane!

Barbie face

Plastic surgery has become so common in today’s world. People try the type of plastic surgery to copy someone else looks. You won’t believe that some girls are so obsessed with the Barbie doll looks that actually tried the plastic surgery to look like a Barbie. This girl did the same. She is known as Human Barbie with the face. Why would people do that?

Fire massage

Wait a minute! Is it real? In this massage, they soaked a towel in alcohol and place it then a special exilir on any part of the body. After that, they set it on fire. Yeah, real fire! This process is used to reduce the dullness and wrinkles.

Vampire facial

That’s real blood, not a strawberry mask! In this procedure the doctor takes blood from your arm then he separates the lighter plasma and injects it back into your face. It will help to lift the skin.

Snake massage

This one gives me goosebumps. Why, How can you allow someone to throw snakes on your body? They believe that the movement of the twisting snakes and the adrenaline triggered by fear is boosted the positive impact on the human metabolism and will also relax the muscles.

Tapeworms for weight loss

Do you know some people to take wonder pills with tapeworm eggs so they can lose their weight? This is gross, how can someone be so disgusting. It is considered illegal in many countries.

Macro lips

This is bizarre! Girls inflate their lips with a hair dryer! Yeah, that’s true, but the question is why they do it, it doesn’t even look good.

Eyelid trainer

Don’t you know how to have fleek and perfect eyeliner? Then don’t worry, we have something for you, a weird device is designed to help shape double eyelids.You don’t need any cosmetic surgery now.

Hay wrap

They put the pile hot, wet and herb-infused hay onto your body. After you will wrap tightly in a sheet and you will be relaxing on a waterbed. I know the grass is itchy but it will help to reduce the stiffness from neck, muscles cramps and also will treat the obesity. It’s free and natural you should try it.

Toebesity surgery

Why would someone want to shorten their toes? If the new pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes doesn’t fit you then try something else. In this procedure, they perform a cosmetic surgery to make your toes shorter, straighter, or slimmer.

Ramen bath

You must have heard about wine or rose water bath, but this is something new. The fill the tub with pork broth because it will boost the metabolism and give you a glowing skin.

Lemon juice in the eyes

What? It is a painful method but people believe putting drops of lemon juice in the eyes can change their eye color. It’s just bizarre and doesn’t even work so never try this. Sometime it will cause bleeding.


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