Did you ever wanted the weirdest animal as your pet? A animal that people rarely keep as pets.

The cuddliest and most bizarre animals that you can call your own.

Here we have a list of such animals. read the article to know who these animals are.

1. Capybara

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Capybara is the world’s largest rodent found in South America, They weigh up to 140 pounds and enjoy swimming. Experts say capybaras prefer to live in groups, so it’s better to adopt more than one. Also they are legal in Texas and Pennsylvania.

2. Bearded Dragon.

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

These amazing bearded dragons are known as Pagonas, they have a total of 8 species whose throats turn black if they are stressed or see a potential danger. The central bearded dragon and Rankin’s bearded dragon are the species most often kept as pets, and are popular for their friendly and calm nature. These bearded dragons can grow upto 16-24 inches long and weigh from 10-20 ounces, they usually live for 8-12 years.

3. Fennec Fox

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

They are the smallest breed of Fox, they are mostly found in deserts of Sahara in Africa and only weighs a maximum of four pounds. Their large ears help to dissipate heat and let them hear prey moving underground. Fennecs have a life span of 14 years. States that don’t allow Fennec foxes to be kept as pets are, Missouri, Minnesota, Nevada, and Washington other states allow.

4. Wallaby

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Wallaby are also know as “mini-kangaroos”, are found in Australia and New Guinea. Most of the cities and other urban areas won’t allow you to pet one. Also they are endangered so it’s better you don’t pet one.

5. Serval

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Serval look just like normal cats but bigger size, they are found in Africa. Places where you can pet them are, Nevada, Idaho, Alabama, Wisconsin, either Carolina, or West Virginia. In places like Montana, the Dakotas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Mississippi, Missouri, Indiana, Pennsylvania, or Maine, you’ll need a license.

6. Big Cats

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Tigers, leopards, lions, cheetahs, mountain lions, jaguars, caracals, Asian leopard cats, jungle cats, bobcats, fishing cats, and lynxes (medium cats) can be privately owned by anyone. But you will need a permit in states like Indiana, North Carolina, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North and South Dakota, Texas, and West Virginia.

7. Chinchilla

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Chinchilla are basically guinea pigs, you can own one in the U.S. without a license as long as you buy it legally.

8. Kinkajou

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Kinkajou are usually found in Central/South America and are related to Raccoon even tough they act like monkeys.

9. Hyacinth Macaw

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Hyacinth Macaw are massive, smart, strong, and easily trained birds. But these really amazing birds are also endangered which means you cannot buy them or keep them as pets legally.

10. Ball Python

These Unthinkable Pets You Can Legally Own

Ball Python is one of the most exotic species of snake to own as a pet, as they are non-venomous which makes them the least life threatening pet. It is estimated that they live for up to 30 years, can be up to four feet long, and require special food and a special environment to live. You can pet them in any state other than New York, Hawaii, and parts of California.


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