Personality test: Your Choice Of The Happiest Couple Can Tell Much About Your Relationship

Have you ever heard of “Haptic Communication”? That is just a name for something you do every day. It is natural and no one has to teach you that sort of communication. Haptic Communication is basically a nonverbal communication in which humans and animals communicate by touch. This is the most important way of communication and it is vital for survival. It allows us to experience pain, pleasure, heat, cold, and most importantly it allows us to enhance our physical intimacy and develop good interpersonal relationships. By watching two people communicate haptically, we can get a deeper look into their relationship.

Your Task Is To Choose The Couple That Looks The Happiest.

The Couple #1

This relationship has a woman that is proud of her partner and the man that is committed to the relationship. The woman is also very independent and she doesn’t care about what people around her think. At the same time, the man really wants to make that relationship work. This type of nonverbal communication shows us that these two people are open to each other and are not ashamed to show their love.

The Couple #2

This is that type of a relationship in which the woman plays a very important role in the man’s life. She practically leads the man through his life and gives him a gentle push forward if that is needed. She is there for him as his mother was there before her. She is his biggest support in the most difficult moments and the best partner in those most gentle moments. In this relationship, woman guides the man like the north star guides lost sailors.

The Couple #3

In this relationship, the man is the leader. He is there to make the way for the couple, and although he is sometimes short-tempered, the woman is always there to calm him down, bring peace, and turn the situation to its right track.


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