Kids Who Decided To Make their Lifes Easier

Kids never stop surprising us and making us laugh. Here are some genius ways in which they made their life easier in fact one might learn something from them.

1.Hands-free cartoon watching.

2. She figured out a way to play her video game without having to take water brakes.

3. If you want to rest and wear a hoodie at the same time than you are in luck! We present the hoodie pillow- it’s both a hoodie and a pillow.

4. Who needs a selfie stick when you can use a selfie straw?

5. Why go to the cinema when the cinema can come to you?

6.How to satisfy any level of thirst.

7. The book will never be wet again!

8. How many times did you want to fly a kite but the wind was just not on your side? Well this little genius came up with the next best thing! Just attach a helium filled balloon to a fishing string and fly that instead of a kite!

9.Why not make mowing the lawn more fun?


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