Funny Photos Of Cat Falling In Love With A Heater

It’s been pretty cold lately! With record-breaking low temperatures across much of the Northern Hemisphere, everyone is finding ways to keep warm and cozy from the freeze outside.

Japan is no different, with heavy snow in Tokyo bringing snowmen out on to the streets recently, and it’s not just the people who are feeling chilly! This is Busao the cat, and she just loves her heater.

To be honest, we think that perhaps she loves it just a little bit too much. In some of her pics, she seems to be almost worshiping the lamp as some kind of divine source of life, and we are pretty sure she has lost quite a few whiskers by flying too close to the sun!

Busao’s owner regularly posts pictures of his beloved cat on Instagram and Facebook, so you can follow her there. From her contented look, she looks like she will be spending the whole winter in exactly the same place, cozy and warm right next to her beloved heater.

Scroll down below to check out Busao’s pics.


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