Expectation And Reality: Photos Showing the Essence of Beautiful Life on Social Media

The desire to make somebody envious sometimes becomes an obsession for people, and they actively use social media to show off.

These hilarious photos made us stop and wonder.

“I love combining yoga and surfing.”

“It’s so sunny in New York today! You can barely see the Statue of Liberty.”

“I finally made it to the beach…”

Oooh ya!! Beachin' it! ………j/k… ? #InstagramVSRealLife #beachorsandbox #hahaha

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“Bought myself a BMW.”

Modern relationships

“Already planning another pool party.”

“A healthy diet is the key to my beauty.”

“I can’t believe I’m finally in Paris!”

A love story in the countryside

When she said she loved abs…

A touch of makeup and your bosom earns a B-plus.

The weather rocks out here!

Instagram vs Real Life? #instagramvsreallife #filteriseverything #stupidwind

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The things you do for a stunning photo.

An alluring body

A second before…

That was a real struggle!

Female friendship

A lavender field in Provence

Instagram vs. Reality ????? #instagramvsreality

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“Bae allowed me to take his car.”

“I deserve this rest.”

Good timing

How far will you go for a gorgeous photo?

INSTAGRAM vs Real Life. ???

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“What a ride! So cool!”

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