25 Things that were invented to make daily life easier

We love it when designers come up with genius ideas designed to make life easier. Sometimes it can be the simplest of things that make a difference, so we’ve drawn up a selection of gadgets and marketing strategies from around the world that will no doubt become a global success.

Here are 25 cool new inventions and ideas, some of which are already in use!

1. When an airport sells chocolate bars that match your mood!

2. This store has a model town so you can test the cameras on sale!

3. A public bench with an integrated solar panel so that you can charge up your tablet or cell phone

4. An elevator that keeps tabs on the total weight of people inside

5. Floor level emergency exit signs in case you need to crawl out during a fire

6. An ergonomic shopping basket

7. The perfect toilet paper holder

8. A creative way to warn people that the floor’s wet

9. This airport has an airplane-themed play area to keep kids amused whilst you wait for a flight!

10. A payphone that also lets you send text messages!

11. This restaurant has USB ports on the menu holders!

12. An easy-to-remove plug!

13. This prototype monitors hand movements – something that will greatly help orthopedic surgeons in the future!

14. This cafe makes and gives away free compost made from leftover grains

15. Charge up your cell phone on the way to or from work!

16. This supermarket has magnifying glasses so everyone can easily find the right product

17. No more spilled coffee on a rainy day

18. The ultimate misplaced key finder!

19. A 24/7 medicine dispenser in case the pharmacy is closed

20. A highway service area complete with numerous washbasins so you can wash your hands without heading to the restroom

21. A mango slicer! This is so going on our wish list!

22. A low-level emergency button so that kids can easily call for help

23. Encourage kids to read by taking them to a ‘mushroom’ library in the park!

24. The cutest guide dog donation stand ever!

25. Finally, a toothpaste brand that not only lists the ingredients, but also explains what they do!

26. A ‘sky projection’ to put patients at ease when they’re on the operating table

27. It’s all in the detail… A small gap so you can easily open the restroom door!

28. An awesome idea if you have a long wait ahead of you in this airport!

29. In Japan you can buy heated bathroom mirrors that don’t steam up!

30. A pill box that monitors when you open it, so that you can keep track of when you last took your medicine

31. This taxi driver installed a video game to keep passengers amused


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