Famous moms and daughters who looked like twins

Have a look at these mom-daughter pairs — don’t they look like friends of the same age? Some of them are almost identical. We decided to make a small survey and find out at what age these celebrity kids looked just like their famous mothers.

And when we did, we came to one conclusion: it’s all in the genes!

Reese Witherspoon (15 years old) and Ava Phillippe (16 years old)

Goldie Hawn (35 years old) and Kate Hudson (30 years old)

Marcheline Bertrand (22 years old) andAngelina Jolie (26 years old)

Cindy Crawford (22 years old) andKaia Gerber (15 years old)

Vanessa Paradis (18 years old) andLily-Rose Depp (16 years old)

Meryl Streep (32 years old) and Mamie Gummer (32 years old)

Madonna (25 years old) and Lourdes Ciccone Leon (17 years old)

Blythe Danner (45 years old) and Gwyneth Paltrow (44 years old)


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