21 best hilarious celebrity photobombs

Photobombing is an art all its own, which some people love to do, even completely spoiling a picture. And some actors and celebrities have become true masters at it.

1. Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman behind Angelina Jolie

2. John Mayer

3. Jennifer Lawrence

4. Johnny Knoxville

Jessica Alba photobombed by Johnny Knoxville, who was himself photobombed by a painting of John Lennon

5. Chris Rock with Rihanna

6. George Clooney

7. Joey Fatone with Lisa Rinna

8. Jared Leto with Anne Hathaway

9. Tyler The Creator (rapper) behind Donald Trump

10. Jesse Tyler Ferguson with Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

11. Simon Pegg

12. Beyoncé Knowles with a fan

13. Bill Clinton with Kelly Clarkson

14. Kevin Spacey

15. Zach Braff in someone’s wedding picture

16. David Hasselhoff

17. Selena Gomez with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

18. Katy Perry and John Mayer behind a fan

19. Queen Elizabeth

20. Kelly Clarkson with Ellen DeGeneres

21. Aaron Paul with Bryan Cranston


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