19 Photos Showing What The Oscars Looked Like In 2008

It feels just like yesterday.

1. The Rock had hair.

2. Saoirse Ronan was just a wee lil bb.

3. And was holding hands with a wee lil James McAvoy.

4. Heidi Klum and Seal were there as a couple.

5. This was Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill:

6. And Miley Cyrus was in attendance during phase one of her life cycle:

7. Ellen Page was riding off of Juno:

8. Steve Carell was not yet a silver fox. Just like, a regular fox.

9. George Clooney was still a bachelor.

10. Sherry was there.

Hi Sherry. Thanks for your baked goods.

Hi Sherry. Thanks for your baked goods.

11. Javier Bardem posed with Jennifer Hudson.

12. Keith was with Nicole, per usual.

13. These two people carried around a puppet.

14. The puppet was kinda creepy.

15. Diablo Cody won big.

16. Owen Wilson was there.

17. Jack Nicholson was too (and talking to Katherine Heigl).

18. Yah, Katherine Heigl was there.

19. And John Travolta had not yet birthed Adele Dazeem from his brain.


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